GPO Contract Analyst / Tender Specialist

Sector: Inkoop
Plaats: Maastricht



For a client we are looking for a?Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Contracts Analyst/ Tenders Specialist.?

As Contract Analyst /Tender Specialist you are responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) bids, renewals and proposals. And responsible for the execution and coordination of tenders.


Duties en responsibilities:

  • Point person between internal (Merit management) and external (GPO) ? direct and personal contact tot the controlling side of GPO’s is required and mandatory.
  • Individual reporting of numbers, e.g. revenues and units of members, to GPO’s and key accounts, as required by the customer group. Monthly, quarterly and year-end-reports.
  • Tracking of bonus levels as given in the contracts, internal execution for payment of bonuses by the finance department.
  • Internal tracking and execution of group-individual payment terms in cooperation with the finance department.
  • Point person in local language tot the GPO’s when it comes to contract wording and number controlling.
  • Draft correspondence requiring understanding of technical matters.
  • Acts as primary liaison between Merit’s EMEA GPO Department and both internal and external field sales teams and operations team.
  • Number analysis before negotiations with GPO’s.
  • Individual analysis of the pricing strategy for quotation and contract preparation.
  • Trigger function for the formulation of quotes and contracts before negotiations.
  • Develops and maintains a GPO database.
  • Processes negotiation and contract results in Oracle.
  • Prepares financial impact reports for bids, proposals and renewals for review by Country Manager.
  • Negotiation- and contract support on location.
  • Conducts feasibility analysis and transfer of?customer requests, such as monthly invoices or capitation.
  • Price/volume execution in cooperation with?Sales.?

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