Technical Architect IP

Sector: Techniek
Plaats: Maastricht


To handle the increased workload and upcoming projects, we are looking for a candidate who can fulfill the position of Technical Architect, within the IP domain.

  • All attentive activities to explore, to acquire and keep on level of the specific required technical
    knowledge (object ownership)
  • To give demanded and unasked recommendations concerning the area of expertise (consultancy and impact analysis), to guarantee qualitative technical delivery of projects and processes
  • To carry out professional knowledge in internal presentations, lectures and reports
  • To maintain relevant and up to date review of publications and literature in his/her specific knowledge field (vendor roadmap)
  • To stay in contact with the Telecom industry, keep track of the developments in their expertise and contribute to knowledge sharing.
  • The Technical Architect contributes and translates the network improvements and capacity increases to high level transmission designs and implementations for the network
  • To be able to independently set up a business case for network improvement proposals
  • To create a Network Evolution Plan (NEP) and keeping it up to date
  • To define the necessary Network budget and its stages (Year Plan)

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